MD Medical Export, Inc. Sontek Suction-Safe Swivel Y Connectors

We are the exclusive export agents for Sontek Medical, Incorporated (excluding in Australia).

Sontek Peep-Safe

Ventilator Tracheostomy Tube NeckbandProduct description:
For maintaining PEEP during suctioning of critically ill patients.

Reduces potentially life-threatening drops in blood oxygen levels which can occur during suctioning.

Relieves patient anxiety by eliminating ventilation disruption.

Sontek Bronch-Safe   

Ventilator Anti-Disconnect Device and Tracheostomy Tube Neckband

Product description:
For uninterrupted bronchoscopy.

Double swivel action permits user flexibility and patient comfort.

Maintains ventilation Circuit Integrity while allowing "on-line" uninterrupted bronchoscopy.

Sontek Trach-Safe 

Sontek Trach-Safed

Product description:
The only combination anti-disconnect device and tracheostomy tube neckband. It is intended to aid in preventing any accidental disconnection of the ventilator circuitry from the tracheostomy tube and also secure the tracheostomy tube. A convenient dual purpose product.